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Get rid of key supervision, tire companies can really relax? ? ?

Recently, the General Administration of Market Supervision summarized the national quality supervision work in 2018. According to the results of the spot inspection of the tire products, the products of 87 batches of automobile tires produced by the 86 companies examined were all qualified, so the tire enterprises were also rationally regulated from the market. The Catalogue of Quality and Safety Supervision of National Key Industrial Products issued by the General Administration was released. Many people inside and outside the industry believe that the quality of tire products is free from key supervision, and tire manufacturers can temporarily breathe a sigh of relief in 2019. However, these remarks are not completely accepted. As for the reasons behind it, there are many involved and it is worth pondering.

Basis for questioning:

1. Non-negligible quality problems

The quality problem is a more serious problem. Especially for tire products, quality is not only the foundation of the company's reputation, but also inseparable from the safety of users. Therefore, the tire companies are free from the key supervision, and they are not completely without the supervision of the national quality and safety supervision department. To a certain extent, getting rid of key supervision is a self-monitoring and self-management process, which can test the technical level and management mode of a company.

2. Inherent market pressure

The fierce competition in the tire industry is an indisputable fact. The newly added 23 tire dealers applied for the cancellation of the proposal in the industrial and commercial administration department and the closure of a number of tire enterprises such as Shandong Yongtai and Hengyu, which largely explained the tires. The industry is not "mixed", competitors are fighting every day, the cost of fighting is undoubtedly quality, ignoring the importance of quality will undoubtedly give competitors the opportunity to surpass themselves and even "kill" themselves. Therefore, under the pressure of many times, the gospel of getting rid of key supervision should not be amplified, and it should not be used as the basis for adjustment of tire production strategy;

3. Prevent policy rebound

If the decision to export the quality of the tires to the key regulatory areas triggers confusion within the tire industry, even if it is only partial, it will re-emerge the focus of the quality supervision bureau, which will have a very negative impact on the development of the entire tire industry. .

Related Cases: In 2018, the Guangdong Provincial Market Supervision Administration carried out a spot inspection of automobile tires, mainly for sampling and judgment according to the applicable GB/T 28863-2012. The four automobile tires that were randomly selected were generally unqualified. The main problem was: tire identification The outer edge size, durability and high speed performance are not in accordance with the regulations.

Punishment measures: Any unqualified automobile tire products of the same specification that are operated and spot-checked with the same trademark will be immediately stopped for sale and returned in accordance with the requirements of consumers. The market supervision department will severely punish the sellers for failing to sell unqualified tire products or failing to meet the consumer's return requirements.

to sum up:

Being able to get rid of the key supervision is the trust of the General Administration of Markets and the tire company, rather than a privilege of doing whatever it wants. The current status of the market is cruel, which requires the tire factory to downplay the preferential policies of the tires that have been freed from key supervision. Supervision is intangible. It is possible to start from multiple parties. Do not relax the vigilance and consciousness of the tires because of a paper document.